Has Your Workout Hit a Wall?

So you’ve hit the dreaded “Fitness Plateau” have you? You’re sticking to your workout routine but you can’t remember the last time you shaved any time off your pace or added weight to your bench press. You’re not going backwards, but you’re definitely not seeing the vast improvements in results like you once did when you first started. So what gives?

You’ve officially hit a wall. What’s happening is your body is no longer responding to the exercise routine you’ve been following. But all is not lost. Here are a few ways to bust through the proverbial fitness wall you’ve run into.

1. In with the Intervals, Out with the Endurance

When you’re on the treadmill, elliptical or bike, break out of your pace every couple of minutes to increase the intensity. It’s good to have endurance, but high intensity is what ramps up your metabolism and shocks your body into high gear.

2. Change it Up

We’ve talked about the importance of changing up your workout before. Remember, ‘if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.’ If you keep doing the same workout every day, you’ll eventually stop feeling the burn and improvement will be harder to come by. Keep your body guessing by varying the intensity and switching between cardio and strength.

3. Give Yourself a Break

Sometimes all it takes to overcome the fitness plateau is a little break. Take a week or two off from your fitness routine to give your body a chance to recharge and rejuvenate. You can still be active during your workout hiatus, by taking walks or playing recreational sports, but stay away from the gym. You should come back refreshed and well-rested.

4.  Evaluate Your Diet

If your fitness plan includes a strict diet, that could be a factor in your plateau. It’s good to eat healthy and stick to your diet, but as your fitness level progresses, your body requires more fuel to keep performing at that higher level. Try fitting an extra small meal or snack into your day. You should notice an increase in energy during your workouts. Plus, experts suggest taking in some extra carbohydrates when you’re sticking to a strict diet helps to jump start your metabolism.

It’s very frustrating to hit the fitness plateau. You’re doing everything you’re supposed to and getting nowhere. Luckily, you can and will overcome the plateau. Don’t ignore your body. Take time to figure out how you’re going to turn that fitness plateau into a mountain peak.

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