3 Tips to Avoid Health Club Germs

Spring is here and with the changing season comes another round of cold and flu season. Germs run rampant at the gym due to all of the human interaction, direct contact and sharing of equipment. Here are 3 tips to protect yourself from catching the bug at the gym this spring.

1. Disinfect Everything

Most health clubs have sanitizing spray and towels available for guests to wipe down equipment after using as a courtesy to the next person to use the equipment. However, I wouldn’t always trust other people to take the time to wipe down their machine. Take a moment to wipe down your machine before using it, and of course, wipe it down once again after you’ve doused the machine in your sweat.

2. Bring Your Own Towel

If you are at all concerned about picking up germs at the gym, an easy way to decrease your chances is to bring your own towel. You know your own towel is clean and you don’t need to worry about who has used it before you and whether or not their germs are still embedded into its microfibers.

3. Work Out at Home

Finally, the easiest way to avoid picking up that health club germ is to avoid the health club all together! One of the great things about a home gym is that you don’t have to share your workout equipment with hundreds, possibly even thousands of other people. It’s still a good idea to wipe down your exercise equipment after each workout, but at least you don’t have to worry about wasting valuable time during your workout cleaning off the machine every time you change machines.

Although most health clubs take measures to keep their facilities and equipment clean, it’s inevitable that germs will spread in that type of environment. If you must go to the gym, take a few extra precautions to keep yourself healthy this spring, otherwise, stick to your home gym to avoid germ exposure as much as possible.

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