Product Spotlight: LifeCORE Rowing Machine

If you’re looking for an exercise machine that supports both aerobic and strength-building workouts, the LifeCORE Rower is your answer. It’s a resistance-based machine that simulates the act of rowing a boat. Rowing is a great endurance workout, but without stress on your joints and ligaments that comes with running. The LifeCORE Rower is the perfect addition to your home gym if you need to give your knees, feet or back a break from running or biking.

Why LifeCORE

The people at LifeCORE understand exercise equipment because they have been in business since the early ’90’s. They’re on a mission to build and sell high-quality, durable machinery that is meant to last. Additionally, the LifeCORE Rower comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and up to 5 years on parts. Just more proof that LifeCORE is committed to providing people with the best rowing machines and stand behind their product.

Benefits and Features


The LifeCORE Rower comes with 15 workouts pre-programmed, so you can get started with quality workouts if you’re new to rowing. Each rower also has the capacity to store data for up to four different users. That way each user can track their progress and save their personal information.

Easily Stored

If it’s space you’re lacking in your home gym, the LifeCORE Rower is a great space-saving solution. The rower is pretty small to begin with, but the lightweight frame folds down, making it even more compact for easier storage.


The LifeCORE Rower has plenty of extra features that make your workout that much more pleasant. From the blue back-lit display screen, to the adjustable cooling air vent, this rower is guaranteed to be a smooth ride.


Your workout equipment should be designed in a way that adjusts to your body and supports your movement flawlessly. The LifeCORE Rower has an ergonomically designed seat and handle so that you can maintain your posture comfortably. They’ve also designed the pedals so that they are angled and pivot with the motion of your foot.

Just because you put yourself through the ringer with your workout doesn’t mean your workout equipment has to be torturous. Your workouts are hard enough, don’t settle for a rower that makes it even harder for the wrong reasons.

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