Join the Race! 15 Local Races You Don’t Want to Miss

One of the best ways to get into shape is to sign up for a race or some type of organized sporting event. Well, now’s the time to look at your calendar and start picking out races to participate in. With spring well under way and summer creeping up fast, there are lots of fun races to choose from. Here is a list of some of our favorite local races!

Running Races

  1. Door County Half Marathon and Nicolet Bay 5K
  2. Cellcom Marathon and Half Marathon
  3. Bellin 10K Run
  4. Fox Cities Marathon and Half Marathon – Appleton
  5. Door County Fall 50
  6. Noodleini Run/Walk – De Pere
  7. Oshkosh Half Marathon and 5K

Bike Races

  1. Ganther Race the Lake – Fond du Lac
  2. Titletown Bike Tour – Green Bay

Triathlons & Duathlons

  1. Door County Triathlon
  2. Scheels High Cliff Triathlon – Appleton
  3. Green Bay Triathlon and Youth Triathlon
  4. Paper Discovery Duathlon – Appleton
  5. Green Bay Duathlon
  6. Oshkosh Triathlon
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The Case Against Infomercial Exercise



It’s so tempting! You’re flipping around the dial, watching late-night TV, and the ad catches your eye. Exercise programs that promise nothing but fun and results, with loads of happy and muscular models touting the benefit. Before and after shots that are nothing short of miraculous. Equipment that stores under the bed or in the closet  but rivals gym quality. Earnest TV stars and fitness celebrities who urge you to trust them and buy!

How many of you have called the toll-free number in an inspired ( or weak) moment? And how many of those promises did your late night purchase deliver?

The truth of it is,  you have very little chance of succeeding with equipment and fitness programs purchased this way.   No matter what you think you’re getting from seeing it on television, there are always a few surprises.  Gliders that don’t glide,  home gyms that turn out to be more difficult to operate than advertised,  equipment that seems a lot more shoddy in the light of day. 

Not only that, but in order to succeed at your fitness goals, your equipment has to fit YOU – your likes and dislikes, your fitness level, your budget, your space, and your schedule.   And the only way that can happen, is to see it, try it, and ask questions about it.  Chances are, if you could try out that home infomercial equipment before you bought it, you might opt for something else entirely. 

 Maybe you’d go for a Precor elliptical or treadmill, the standard in commercial gyms everywhere for it’s quality and durability. Or an Inspire home gym, top rated  for a solid body workout in a small space, or a Landice treadmill, voted #1 in  customer satisfaction by a leading running magazine.  We also have bikes and free weights and kettle bells and fitness balls, and yes, even some of the fitness products that you see advertised in those late-night infomercials!

So do yourself a favor and come on out to see us at MGL Fitness. We’d love to talk to you about the best way to reach your fitness goals, with equipment and products to fit your budget, lifestyle, and fitness personality.   Bring your gym shoes and kick the tires and try stuff out before you buy. We’d love to set you on the road to fitness. Then, rest easy, knowing that MGL Fitness stands behind its products and service – for more than 20 years serving customers in Green Bay and Appleton just like you.

And that’s something you just don’t get with a late night 800 number!





Making Your Dollar Count

Let’s face it, in this economy, your decision about where to spend your hard-earned dollar is more important than ever.  




If you’re visiting this website, you have more than a passing interest in your health – you know that investing in yourself now – with quality exercise equipment – will pay off mightily in both the short term and long term.  Cardio and strength exercise helps you live life to the fullest –   as a healthy, active person who is not hampered by illness brought on by inactivity and overweight. 



Your health is your most important asset.  We can  guide you to the best equipment that will help you reach your fitness goals. We pride ourselves on more than 20 years supporting the fitness goals of the community, and offer the very best fitness lines around– with expertise and service that surpasses the rest. 



But we offer you even more than that.  Your dollar spent here gives you the added satisfaction of knowing that you are doing your part to help support your local Green Bay and Appleton economy in these tough times. 



Did you know that each dollar you spend at a local independent business returns three times more money than one spent on a chain?  That’s money that continues to circulate locally – at other local businesses – which in turn stimulates our economy.  Most of the money spent at chain stores circulates elsewhere – out of the city, and mostly out of state.   


And if you need more reasons to buy local, try these:   


  • Local businesses  put less demand on city services than most big box stores, and generate more tax revenue per sales dollar, which in turn helps keep your taxes lower.
  • Local businesses are healthier for the environment. Our stores are people-sized. They consume less land, and fewer utilities.
  • Local businesses build character. What makes a city special? It’s the unique businesses and people that make up its character. Big box stores multiply their similarity across the country – making one city look very much like another. Buy shopping local,  you  stand up for the unique character of your community.

 So come on in and check us out.  Do something good for your body, and for your community.  And make those hard-earned dollars count. Hope to see you soon.    


Jones Bar Demo

Mike LeMere, Owner of MGL Fitness, demonstrates the features of the Bodycraft Fitness Jones Smith Machine. 

 The patented 3-D barbell motion of the Jones bar lets you do a wide variety of exercises. Normally,  Smith machines only move vertically. The  Jones bar moves both vertically and horizontally, allowing for natural, unlimited, user-defined motion.[youtube]Eo0CU11ETS0[/youtube]

Learn How to Burn Calories with your Precor Treadmill

No matter how well you keep to a diet plan,  there’s always an ice cream cone here, or piece of birthday cake there — those little indulgences we allow ourselves.  Mike LeMere, owner of MGL Fitness, shows you how to burn off a few extra calories — one of the many features on the Precor 935 treadmill.


Block Dumbbell Demo

Mike LeMere, Owner of MGL Fitness, demonstrates the features of the PowerBlock dumbbell.

 It’s a great piece of equipment for anyone who is interested in building their strength with a wide range of weights — and it can be stored in a two-by-two foot amount of floor space.  And, compared to hexagon steel dumbbells at 99 cents a pound, it’s a real cost savings to you!



Precor AMT Demo

Mike LeMere, Owner of MGL Fitness, demonstrates the features of the new Precor AMT.  

 This is the exercise machine that everyone is talking about!  Those who have tried it, rave about it. Those who haven’t, are looking for it.  You can find it, and try it,  at MGL Fitness in Green Bay and Appleton.    

So what’s so great about the AMT?  Precor calls it the only machine as versatile as the human body. What that means for you is this: you can run, hike, glide, climb stairs, kick, go forward, go backwards, move your arms — you completely define the movement and your workout. The platform follows your feet and is totally responsive.   


  Your workout can’t get routine, because you can change it minute by minute.  Take a look. And better yet, come to MGL Fitness and try it for yourself. [youtube]mRVumg0P_Iw[/youtube] 

Do you have a fitness plan?

Here’s why you should.   Studies consistently show that 90% of people who plan their goals, accomplish them.

Your personal fitness plan is The Great Motivator.  Your plan keeps you accountable to yourself , and lets you measure your progress virtually daily.  Your plan gives you milestones en route to your health and fitness goals—measurable results, and on-going rewards for your commitment.

So what do you want to accomplish?    A 7-minute mile after 6 months?   Lose 25 pounds?   Develop your upper body?   Get toned?   Get into a Size 10 in time for the wedding?   Wear a bikini next summer? EVERYTHING starts from what you want to accomplish, from the results that you want to achieve.

Nail it down from the start. “I want to be in shape” is not enough    Your hopes and goals, and your plan, are uniquely yours. So, think it all the way through until you can specify what “in shape” means to you. Slimmer? Toned? Stronger? Faster? More endurance?  More flexibility?  Be as specific as you can .  The more specific your goals, the better you’ll be able to visualize them and work towards them.


Aim for what you can hit. Hit what you aim for. Don’t set yourself up to fail by aiming for the moon!  Set realistic, achievable goals, both long and short term—but focus on the short term. If your long-term goal is, say, to shed 50 pounds by next year, without breaking the goal into shorter-term milestones, it’s easy to let your discipline lapse. After all, ” you have plenty of time!”    But setting a goal of two pounds a week is an immediate goal, a far less daunting task, and a chance to have success on a regular basis.    Another great idea? Make establishing your fitness routine your first target.   “30 minutes, 4 days a week.” Keep your short-term achievements coming—and the long-term results will follow right along. 

Keep a fitness log! Maintain your fitness log of workouts and results as diligently as your bank book! Tracking your achievements stokes the incentive fires, and also lets you make adjustments based on actual results. (Note: some top-of-the-line home fitness machines will keep a computerized log for you.)

Make workouts a habit — part of your normal lifestyle Create a schedule that best suits the realities of your daily life. Make it part of your normal routine and set your goals around the activities of your days. What’s best for you—morning, afternoon, or evening? Can you move other activities around? Will you be the only user of your home fitness equipment?

 Don’t bail if you fail.  As the poet says, “The best-laid plans go oft astray.” So, chances are, you’re not going to reach every milestone right on schedule. But don’t let your head droop if you’re not doing as well as you hoped, or not progressing as quickly as expected. In fact, reject the whole notion of failure. Missing an objective is simply an opportunity to figure out why—and adjust your plan accordingly. Remember, extraordinary results are achieved by doing ordinary things on a consistent basis.

3 + 1: Cardio, flexibility, strength + diet A complete home health and fitness plan will include cardio, stretching, strength work — and a healthy eating plan. 

Ask us,  we’ll help. See you soon, Mike.

1-800-335-2770, MGL FITNESS, INC.