The Case Against Infomercial Exercise



It’s so tempting! You’re flipping around the dial, watching late-night TV, and the ad catches your eye. Exercise programs that promise nothing but fun and results, with loads of happy and muscular models touting the benefit. Before and after shots that are nothing short of miraculous. Equipment that stores under the bed or in the closet  but rivals gym quality. Earnest TV stars and fitness celebrities who urge you to trust them and buy!

How many of you have called the toll-free number in an inspired ( or weak) moment? And how many of those promises did your late night purchase deliver?

The truth of it is,  you have very little chance of succeeding with equipment and fitness programs purchased this way.   No matter what you think you’re getting from seeing it on television, there are always a few surprises.  Gliders that don’t glide,  home gyms that turn out to be more difficult to operate than advertised,  equipment that seems a lot more shoddy in the light of day. 

Not only that, but in order to succeed at your fitness goals, your equipment has to fit YOU – your likes and dislikes, your fitness level, your budget, your space, and your schedule.   And the only way that can happen, is to see it, try it, and ask questions about it.  Chances are, if you could try out that home infomercial equipment before you bought it, you might opt for something else entirely. 

 Maybe you’d go for a Precor elliptical or treadmill, the standard in commercial gyms everywhere for it’s quality and durability. Or an Inspire home gym, top rated  for a solid body workout in a small space, or a Landice treadmill, voted #1 in  customer satisfaction by a leading running magazine.  We also have bikes and free weights and kettle bells and fitness balls, and yes, even some of the fitness products that you see advertised in those late-night infomercials!

So do yourself a favor and come on out to see us at MGL Fitness. We’d love to talk to you about the best way to reach your fitness goals, with equipment and products to fit your budget, lifestyle, and fitness personality.   Bring your gym shoes and kick the tires and try stuff out before you buy. We’d love to set you on the road to fitness. Then, rest easy, knowing that MGL Fitness stands behind its products and service – for more than 20 years serving customers in Green Bay and Appleton just like you.

And that’s something you just don’t get with a late night 800 number!